How inviting is your current entryway? And does it reflect your personal style? Or your home's style? We have concentrated on five of the most common residential architectural styles helping you find the perfect door for your home. Simple yet special, made just for you. 

Arts & Crafts

Craftsman | Bungalow | Prairie

Embodying the simplicity of the Arts & Crafts era, Craftsman style homes are characterized by low-pitch gable roofs, wide eaves and large porches with distinctive tapered columns. Handcrafted stone or woodwork is also a common element.

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Traditional | Cape Cod | Colonial

Traditional home styles are typically two-story, ranging from the iconic symmetrical characteristics of Colonial or Cape Cod homes to the classic Country Farmhouse.

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Southwest | Spanish | Mission

Old World-style homes reflect many distinctive cultures. They feature the authenticity of natural stone, or the warmth of masonry or stucco exteriors. Solid, dark-finish doors with rich wood grains and decorative wrought iron glass make ideal accents.

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Modern | Urban | Art Deco

Open living spaces, clean structured geometric lines and function-over-form are key elements of style for Contemporary and Modern homes. Style features may include simplistic designs as well as seamless integration of nature.

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Country / Cottage

Ranch  |  Coastal  |  Farmhouse

Country / Cottage homes have a look all their own. And with a good reason – almost anything goes, inside and out. These architectural designs can depart subtly from established norms, or blend one or more architectural styles from different eras or regions. Country / Cottage style is truly up to you. if your home emphasizes visual cues from any number of the home styles herein, choose from any Therma-Tru® Benchmark® door designs to find that perfect entryway to reflect your home style and personal taste.

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