How inviting is your current entryway? And does it reflect your personal style? Two of the most exciting things to consider when choosing a new door are the style and finish. In both cases, what ultimately matters most is what you like. But here are a few more thought starters to help you to decide.

What suits your home's style?

Every home has a style. One of the simplest ways to pick out a new door is to select one that complements your home’s architectural style. Understanding the signature elements of these common residential architectural styles will help you find a door to complete your look.

Arts & Crafts

Craftsman | Bungalow | Prairie

Embodying the simplicity of the Arts & Crafts era, Craftsman style homes are characterized by low-pitch gable roofs, wide eaves and large porches with distinctive tapered columns. Handcrafted stone or woodwork is also a common element.



Traditional | Cape Cod | Colonial

Traditional home styles are typically two-story, ranging from the iconic symmetrical characteristics of Colonial or Cape Cod homes to the classic Country Farmhouse.


Southwest | Spanish | Mission

Old World-style homes reflect many distinctive cultures. They feature the authenticity of natural stone, or the warmth of masonry or stucco exteriors. Solid, dark-finish doors with rich wood grains and decorative wrought iron glass make ideal accents.


Modern | Urban | Art Deco

Open living spaces, clean structured geometric lines and function-over-form are key elements of style for Contemporary and Modern homes. Style features may include simplistic designs as well as seamless integration of nature.

Country / Cottage

Ranch  |  Coastal  |  Farmhouse

Country / Cottage homes have a look all their own. And with a good reason – almost anything goes, inside and out. These architectural designs can depart subtly from established norms, or blend one or more architectural styles from different eras or regions. Country / Cottage style is truly up to you. if your home emphasizes visual cues from any number of the home styles herein, choose from any Therma-Tru® Benchmark® door designs to find that perfect entryway to reflect your home style and personal taste.

How do I choose paint or stain?

Door finish is another way to add character to your entry and give it a custom feel. When choosing between a paint or stain finish for your door, consider your home's roof, siding, windows, trim and garage door. Look at your interior woodwork as well. Then select a paint or stain that will create a unified look you’ll love.

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