Numerous glass textures and shapes complement any Therma-Tru Benchmark door, and provide flexibility to match your personal style.

Choosing a minimum amount to no glass can provide you with the simplistic style you are looking for to match your home's style. You can brighten up a door with minimal glass by using paint or stain to give your home it's own unique look. 

Solid Panel & Fan

Classic and timeless designs to complement any home styles.

Curved Glass

Providing modest privacy with simplistic curvilinear designs.

Adding more glass will allow for more light to shine into your home, but the glass design combined with the stain or paint provides you with a unique look for your front entry. 

Craftsman Glass 

An iconic door design emblematic of the Arts & Crafts movement.

Half Glass

A prevailing door panel style offset by simplistic or ornate glass designs.

Center Arch

Adds a touch of glass without sacrificing privacy.

3/4 Oval

The best of both worlds – allows light into the home while offering moderate privacy.

Let the light shine in. Even with the most amount of glass you can get in a door you can also still get the privacy you are looking for, our glass designs range on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most private. 

2/3 Lite

Perfect for homeowners looking to allow ample light into the home without choosing a full lite.

Three-Quarter Glass

A weighted door base panel design highlights the beauty of the glass.

Full Glass

Offers maximum light and expanded views.

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